Founded in 2019, HONKY TONK SAIL is a French association for culture, arts and music located on a sailboat travelling around the world. We are looking for sustainability while proposing an ecological way of touring. We collaborate with artists, civic and cultural organizations from the North Atlantic ocean and Western Europe. Jazz New Orleans is the main music on board, but the program also includes visual arts, performances, workshops and cultural exchanges.

Créée en 2019, HONKY TONK SAIL est une association culturelle française spécialisée dans la musique jazz et les arts visuels. Nos activités se passent à bord d’un voilier qui voyage à travers le monde. Nous organisons nos tournées à la force du vent, source d’énergie infinie, incontrolable – et propre. L’association travaille en collaborant avec des artistes et des structures culturelles et sociales de l’océan Atlantique et de l’Europe de l’Ouest. Au programme ? Des concerts de jazz New Orleans, des performances dessinées, des stages, des ateliers des échanges culturels et artistiques.

Our next tour will be … in the Azores !  Back to the good old place ! We are looking forward to be there, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

We will set sails to the Archipelago to be this summer between Pico, Faial, Sao Miguel, Terceira and Santa Maria.

We know for sure that we will be hosted by the associaçao Fazendo, who organise the (wonderful) Maravilha festival  in Horta – island of Faial.

More infos about the itinerary and the performances will be  available here very soon.

The crew for the our next tour – Azores 2024 – is our good old friends : Adrien Merer (contrebass), Félix Heymans (saxophone), Simone Carugati (guitar) and the of course Bots (trumpet) and Soizic (live painting). We will perform our Concert dessiné between the wonderful islands of the portuguese archipelago this summer.